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Swannington Heritage Trust 

Swannington Before The War

Based on the 1911 census this presentation gives a fascinating insight into the boundaries, buildings, occupations and people of Swannington in the years before WWI.
Swannington Heritage Trust 

Swannington’s Industrial History

A chronological journey through the development of Swannington’s industries such as coal mining, milling, agriculture, tanning, tramways and railways; ending with an overview of their transformation into modern day nature reserves.
Swannington Heritage Trust 

Leicestershire’s Industrialists – Their Non Industrial Legacy

Leicestershire’s industrialists did more than just make things and money; their contributions to society included art galleries, country parks, paintings, schools and almshouses.
Swannington Heritage Trust 

Cardiff and Leicester

Two cities that have been influenced by Celts, Romans, Vikings, rivers, canals, railways, coal, industries, churches and sports teams. Two cities so similar, yet so different.
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